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Delta Airlines Baggage Policy Tickets


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Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Delta's carry-on allowance allows customers to bring one cabin bag and one personal item aboard for no additional fee. Certain extra items, such as umbrellas, a seat restraint, or a pushchair, are excluded from the airline's carry-on luggage limit and may be carried into the cabin with you. Luggage must not be more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches in size. On the vast majority of routes, there are no weight restrictions. Due to limited storage capacity, personal items may only be brought on board Delta Connection aircraft with 50 seats or less. Other carry-on luggage may be checked in for free at the gate.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

The checked baggage policy of Delta varies based on your origin and destination and whether you pay for your luggage online or at the airport; check the official site before packing and departing. The firm calculates luggage costs according to the rules when buying your ticket. The standard Delta fee for the first checked bag is $25, with subsequent bags costing $30 to $75. However, specific destinations provide one free checked bag. Only bags that weigh less than 50 lbs. and are smaller than 62 inches in length, width, and height may be checked in. Delta charges a case-by-case fee for certain checked goods.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Fees

Passengers traveling in the main cabin may check up to two pieces of baggage totaling 50 pounds (23 kg) and 62 inches (157 cm) in length. The first bag is $30, and the second bag is $40 for travel inside the United States and Canada. Travelers in Basic Economy from the United States or Canada to Europe or North Africa must spend $60 for their first checked luggage and $100 for their second.

Delta Airlines Domestic Baggage Policy

A Basic Economy cost requires passengers to pay a $30 and $40 luggage allowance for the first and second bags, respectively. Premium Select Class passengers flying with Delta are eligible for two complimentary checked bags, each weighing 50lb/23kg. Free baggage allowance of two bags of up to 70 pounds/32 kilograms each is available to First Class/Delta One Class passengers.

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