Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy +1-800-580-0142

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy +1-800-580-0142

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

The Alaska Airlines flight cancellation process can be frustrating and expensive—but it doesn’t have to be. If you do some research on the cancellation fees before booking your ticket, you can save you time and money if you end up having to cancel your ticket. If you’ve booked a flight or plan to in the near future, here’s everything you need to know about Alaska Airlines cancellation policy—and how it may apply to your booking.

Alaska Airlines Free Cancellation
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Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy Due to COVID-19

  • Under the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy in response to coronavirus, if your flight was cancelled due to COVID-19, you are entitled to a full refund by Alaska Airlines. If you haven’t applied for a refund yet, you can apply via this link.
  • If your ticket is fully unused, you will be refunded the full amount. If you have used a part of your ticket, you will be refunded the unused portion of your ticket.
  • If your itinerary doesn’t contain any cancelled flights and you want to cancel it, the refund will depend on your fare conditions.
If you made a new flight booking up toFebruary 16, 2022, you are allowed to make changes to your flight without being charged a change fee, unless your flight originates from Japan to Europe. Aside from changing the date, you can change your departure and destination airports as well.

24-Hour Alaska Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Under Alaska Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, you'll be able to cancel any flight ticket within 24 hours of buying it and receive a full refund—provided your time period starts quite 24 hours after you bought your ticket. this is applicable to all or any sorts of fares, including Saver fares. Remember, the 24-hour cancellation policy will only apply to tickets booked for travel starting over 24 hours from the time of booking. If you cancel a ticket within 24 hours of departure, you'll be charged a cancellation fee. Therefundwill be credited to your original payment mode, i.e., if you have paid by credit card, the amount will be credited back to your credit card.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Process

To proceed with the online cancellation of Alaska Airlines bookingsthe procedure stated below.
Step 1-Visit the Alaska Airlines official website through any web browser.
Step 2-Log in to your account.
Step 3-Then, select 'My Trips'.
Step 4-Choose the booking you want to cancel and go for it.
Step 5-Finally, 'Confirm' for the cancellation.
A confirmation mail will be sent to the respective email address provided at the time of booking.

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